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SwimSkim 50 Surface Skimmer


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Oase SwimSkim 50

The SwimSkim 50 a powerful surface skimmer, suitable for pond surfaces of up to 50m2. It's the perfect addition to any pond, with its effective surface cleaning function, and supplementary aeration via an integrated injector providing you with a crystal clear surface.

swimskim surface cleaner for ponds

The successful SwimSkim CWS (clear water system) concept has been consistently further developed: The big brother of the multi- talented SwimSkim 25 now keeps pond surfaces up to 50 square meters free of leaves, pollen, or similar particles.

Thanks to the innovative whirlpool function of the SwimSkim 50, contaminants on the pond floor are stirred up and thus SwimSkim 50 is an ideal supplement to your pond filtration system.

An aerator function that supplies the pond with vital oxygen, is also integrated.

  • Floating skimmer for pond surfaces to 50 m 2
  • Whirlpool function Aerator function for supplying the entire pond with oxygen
  • Easy cleaning; just remove the filter basket

Technical Details for Oase SwimSkim 50  

Dimensions (L x W x H) mm   450 x 400 x 390mm

Rated voltage 220 240 V / 50 Hz

Power consumption 45 watt

Power cable length 10 metre

Net weight 4.54 kg

Filter volume 4.5 litres

Pump capacity, max 3500 litre per hour

Aerator function

600 litre per hour

Whirlpool function Yes

Top Tip by RockWorld

Surface skimmers remove leaves BEFORE they sink to bottom of pond, thus keeping your pond water clearer, cleaner and healthier (not only for you but also for health of your pondlife).

remove leaves


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2 year manufacturers warranty