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We always recommend choosing the correct pump for the right job.
Fountain pumps are used for fountains, monoliths, statues, indoor, covered water features and have a finer intake cage to prevent large particles blocking nozzles and outlets.
Water course pumps are for waterfalls, streams, open ponds and filtration systems and have larger intake cages allowing large particles to easily pass through.

We also have a great range of fountain display pumps that come complete with lights.
If you have no electrical supply available you can also consider solar powered pumps for smaller water fountains.

All pumps have different flow rates (LPH being litres per hour) for example a 2000 lph or 4000 lph. The number on the Oase pumps refers to the maximum flow rate of the pump.

Please call our experts  or email us if you need any assistance choosing which pump you need. We have a huge range and we appreciate it is not always easy to choose. You can also download our brochures by clicking here.


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