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PondoStar LED RGBW Set 3 Lights


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€174.00 inc. VAT
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Pontec PondoStar LED RGBW Set of 3 Lights 

This set of 3 colour changeable spotlights includes transformer and remote control for adding ambiance to your garden or pond water feature with coloured or white lighting.

This set of three 1 watt LED lights can be used in or out of water and are easily turned on /off with the included remote control.

Great for highlighting a flowing water feature such as a fountain, stream or monolith. 

These spot lights have a ball joint which means they can be swivelled fully around the base and can be angled upwards between a 30° - 150° arc. They are also weighted and will not float when used underwater.

Product highlights at a glance:

Coloured pond and garden lighting Lights can be used above and below the water (IP 68).

Includes 12v IP65 weatherproof safety transformer can be positioned outside

Remote control for turning on/off and changing colours

3m cable to transformer then 2m to first light and 2m to next light and 2 m to last light (wired in series formation)

These lights are wired in series, or "daisy chained"

3 watt total

Energy efficiency class A+

Light dimensions 16 x 17 x 25 mm (Length x Width x Height)

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