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Pondless waterfall and stream kit Premium


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€4,797.00 inc. VAT
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This pondless kit provides everything you need to create a spectacular pondless waterfall and cascading stream.

With this kit the stream can be up to 12m , 1 m wide and a waterfall up to 2 m high.

Starting with the watercourse source  using 8 spillway boxes, pump chamber, premium 1.02mm thick EPDM rubber liner, protective fleece, 2"  hose, 30,000 litre low energy eco pump by Oase and even a UV pressure filter, this pondless kit  will create a stunning feature.

Here is everything that is included in this premium kit.

  • Stream & Waterfall Starter Spillway box 1 m wide and a waterfall up to 3m  high. 
  • Premium quality EPDM rubber pond liner which is 1.02mm thick, 3m wide and 17m long will allow for a waterfall/cascade 12m long and 1m wide.
  • Protective pond fleece
  • Four Maxima Water blocks
  • The Oase Pump Vault 55000 to allow access to pump
  • 2" hose pipe, smooth bore flexible hose, 18 m
  • Stainless jubilee clips
  • Oase Aquamax EcoPremium 20000 pump
  • Oase Auto fill kit
  • Oase Pressure filter and Ultra violet clarifier, Oase Filtoclear 13000 with 24 watt uv


  • item quantity
    Premium quality EPDM rubber pond liner which is 1.02mm thick, 3 meters  wide  by 17 meters   long 51 sq meters
    Protective pond fleece, 18 square meters 51 sq meters
     Maxima Water blocks 4
    The Oase Pump Vault 55000 to allow access to pump 1
    2" hose pipe, smooth bore flexible hose 18 meters
    Stainless jubilee clips 2
    Oase Aquamax Eco premium 20000 pump 1
    Oase Auto fill kit 1
    Stream & Waterfall Starter Spillway 1m wide 1
  • Stream & Waterfall Starter Spillway 1 m wide





Pond Liner 1.02mm thick EPDM Rubber, premium quality

Liner size

This liner size is suitable for a pond area of x meters by x meters, to accommodate the 4 water blocks and pump chamber.

Other sizes of liner are also available.


Pond Liner Underlay

Pond  Liner Underlay, or sometimes called Pond fleece- will not rot and protect your liner from damage. Pond fleece acts as an underlay to prevent harm to your liner from sharp stones or invasive plant roots.
  • 200 grams per square meter
  • non woven for added strength (makes it much more difficult for plant growth to damage liner)


Oase Maxima Water Blocks for pondless features. 

Dimensions (L x W x H)  686 mm x 406mm  x 445mm

4 included

Our Oase Maxima Water blocks are an ideal solution for pondless water courses where you want little or no open water visible.

Water matrix blocks can be installed in liner ponds and the Maxima weight-bearing blocks create underground water storage for your stream or waterfall. 
Maxima blocks lock together quickly and securely. They offer limitless arrangements of the modular blocks and
accommodate almost any pond
They can support boulders, rocks, paving slabs or gravel 
. Ideal for reducing depth of pond permanently or temporarily



Oase Pump Vault 55000

The Oase Pump Vault 55000 allows easy access to your Oase Aquamax Eco Premium pump.

With a 457 mm ( 18" ) wide opening,  access to pump is very easy.

The pump vault offers optimum protection for your pump


762mm high

584mm diameter


2 inch Hose pipe

POND PIPE , 2" (two inch) heavy gauge smooth bore spiral hose for maximum flow rates


  • Temperature resistant from -15°C to +50°C
  • UV-resistant
  • Pressure: 3 bar
  • Good sinking characteristics
  • Heavy metal free - guaranteed
  • Very smooth, flow optimised inner wall design
  • Pressure    3 bar
  • Diameter    2" (50mm) internal


Stainless steel hose clamp 1 1/2" to 2"


Oase Aquamax Eco Premium 21000 Pump

20,000 litre per hour premium low energy pump and remote control which allows for the flow rate of stream to be adjusted to your desired flow as well giving the ability to turn on or off.



Oase Auto Fill Kit

Simply connect to your existing water system if you want water feature to keep topped up itself. Water feature will work without having a water supply as the pump is re-circulating the same water.

To ensure your water is clean and healthy this pondless water feature kit includes this premium easy clean pressure filter which also has a 18 watt ultra violet clarifier. 


Oase Filtoclear 13000 Pressure Filter

Includes integrated 24watt ultra violet clarifer  for clean healthy water.

Download installation instructions and tips pondless water features here .

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