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Pond Liner Underlay


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€3.27 inc. VAT
€2.66 ex. VAT
€3.27 inc. VAT
€2.66 ex. VAT


Pond  Liner Underlay, or sometimes called Pond fleece- will not rot and protect your liner from damage. Pond fleece acts as an underlay to prevent harm to your liner from sharp stones or invasive plant roots.

  • 200 grams per square meter
  • non woven for added strength (makes it much more difficult for plant growth to damage liner)

Pond Underlay is essential to protect your liner from damage from sharp stones and strong root growth, such as occurs from bamboo. 
As our pond underlay will not rot , its lasts a lifetime.

Pond  Liner Underlay comes in a 2 meter wide roll and is sold per square meter..


Price is per square meter.

When adding to cart a quantity of 1 equals 1 square meter (0.5m x 2m), a quantity of 2 equals 2 square meters (1m x 2m)

Tip: Usual quantity of pond fleece is same as liner, eg if getting 6m x 6m of liner, then thats 36 square meters. 

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