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Oase Pond Kit 250


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€395.00 inc. VAT
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€395.00 inc. VAT
€321.14 ex. VAT


Complete pond kit with 250 liter pond and UV filter.

Ideal pond kit for anyone starting out in the world of ponds and aquascaping. 

This pond kit uses all Oase equipment and has been carefully chosen by our team just for you.

The kit includes

  • Oase 250 liter pre formed pond
  • Oase Filtral 1500 in pond filter with ultra violet clarifier

Optional extra

  • Nozzle kit with different nozzles , all adjustable
  • Oxygenation kit to provide extra oxygen to your pond.

    Dream ponds made easy.
    This Oase PE 250 pre formed pond is a great alternative to pond liner for ponds with up to 250 litres capacity.
    Marsh zones and plant zones integrated in the mould simplify planting and pump placement.

    Dimensions : 1350 mm long, 920 mm wide ,540 mm deep
    Dimensions : 4 feet  5 inches long, 3 feet  wide , 1 foot 7 inches deep

    Volume capacity 250 litres 

    Manufactured from high quality Poly Ethylene
    15 years guarantee


    Manufactured from high-quality and long-lasting 3-4mm thick polyethylene (PE) ,friendly to the environment, animals and plants. This pond is very strong and will easily withstand sun rays and icy weather conditions.
    UV  and frost resistant

    Download Pre formed pond detailed installation instructions here 

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