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Oase FiltoClear 31000 Pressure Filter SET With PUMP


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The next generation of FiltoClear pressure filter and pump
For years, beginners and experienced professionals have trusted FiltoClear. But Oase haven't rested on their laurels. They have now  improved the pressure filter even more. The result: Less hassle during installation and maintenance  more time to simply enjoy a crystal-clear pond.

The clear water expertIdeal combination of FiltoClear 31,000 pressure filter with integrated 60 watt UVC 

This pond filtration set includes:

  • FiltoClear 31000 pressure filter
  • Integrated 60 watt UVC (ultra violet clarifier)
  • Oase Aquamax ECO Premium 16000 pump

Top 3 characteristics:

  1. Clear water guaranteed through the optimally matched filter, pump and UVC technology
  2. Convenient cleaning thanks to the patented Easy Clean Technology
  3. Almost invisible integration in the environment.

Pond Sizes

Suitable for ponds up to 31,000 litres with plants and without fish.
Suitable for ponds up to 15,000 litres with plants and fish 
Suitable for ponds up to 7,500 litres with plants and koi fish 

Filter capacity can be increased by 25% with the addition of an OxyTex 1000 aerator system . 

Convenient Cleaning of the Pressure filter

Filter sponges can be quickly and easily cleaned using the patented pull out mechanism. No need to open filter.

The internal filter sponges can be cleaned conveniently and thoroughly using the patented pull-out mechanism; without needing to open the filter: To do this, pull the cleaning handle several times. The sponges are compressed and any dirt will come loose. Then simply flush the filter and drain off the dirty water. The integrated UVC lamp can also be easily changed even while running via the filter head.

Targeted draining of dirty water

The dirty water is drained from the cleaned filter sponges using the two way valve, for example into a flower bed.

Easy Bulb change

The uv housing can be removed during operation for replacing the integrated UV lamp.

Easy to disguise

The FiltoClear can be buried almost up to the filter head. With the optional FiltoCap cover in an authentic stone design, this pressure filter can be invisibly integrated into your garden landscape. The FiltoClear can be easily accessed under the cover at any time.

Oase Pressure filters offer enjoyment of a pond that is clear, safe and long-lasting engineered in Germany. OASE Bypass technology ensures optimal water flow and prevents the FiltoClear from getting clogged. Because we trust the quality of our filters, we offer our customers a guarantee of 3 years on this filter.

Up to 5 year guarantee on pump and 3 year guarantee on filter when bought through Rockworld, your Gold standard Oase partner.

This pressure filter can be recessed into the ground and with the optional FiltoCap it integrates inconspicuously into the garden landscape. As this is a pressure filter system the outlet water can flow uphill hence it is ideal for supplying water to elevated watercourses, waterfalls or architectural pool. 
Suitable for waterfalls up to 600mm (2 feet) wide at 1 meter head height.
(for the pond size specifications cited above 1m delivery head and 5m 1 1/2" hose were taken into consideration. Larger pumps should be used for longer hose lengths or greater delivery heights. Clear water guarantee in accordance with Secchi light penetration depth of 1 m. )

Rockworld's Tip. These pressure filters are great for ponds with waterfalls or streams as the one pump does all the work of cleaning your pond AND powering your waterfall. What's more they are easily hidden because they can be partly buried but even more importantly this pond filter system is extremely easy to clean taking typically less than 2 or 3 minutes once per month. Make sure you choose the correct filter system based upon the volume of water in your pond AND whether or not you have fish.
If you require a larger pressure filtration system see:


  • POND FILTER: Patented cleaning mechanism with optimised filter sponges
  • CONVENIENT: Easy to maintain and clean thanks to simple handle mechanism
  • CONVENIENT LAMP CHANGE: The UV lamp can be changed while the unit is running - no need to switch off the filter, no need to dismantle the quartz glass
  • PROTECTED: The high-quality UVC housing protects the ballast unit from sunlight and moisture
  • POWERFUL: All latest generation FiltoClear models feature upgraded, highly effective UV lamps
  • 2-WAY VALVE: Choose whether the water flows into the pond or into the waste water after cleaning the filter
  • IMPROVED EFFICIENCY: The built-in OASE bypass technology ensures optimum water flow and prevents the filter from clogging
  • STABLE AND ROBUST: The hard-wearing housing made of high-quality plastic can be easily buried in the ground and impresses with its long durability
  • UNDER PRESSURE: The metal clamping ring with simple lever function makes opening and closing a FiltoClear safer and easier than ever before

If your pond is larger than any of the sizes above it is possible le add a further filter module in series to increase the overall effectiveness.
If you need any help selecting the correct filtration system for your pond please do not hesitate to contact us for expert advice. As we build and install ponds you can be sure of qualified expert advice.


Dimensions (Ø x H)     380mm diameter x 728mm height

Rated voltage          220 - 240 V / 50/60 Hz

Net weight          10.3 kg

Guarantee (+ request guarantee)       2 + 1=3 years

UVC power         60 watts

Number of blue filter foams       2

Number of red filter foams         2

Number of purple filter foams    1

Inlet connections             38 / 50mm

Inlet connections               1 ½", 2"

Connections, outlet       38 / 50mm

Outlet connections      1 ½", 2"

Connections, sludge discharge    38 / 50mm

Sludge discharge connections            1 ½", 2"

Max. flow rate   17000 litres per hour

Max. operating pressure    0.2 bar

Suitable for ponds up to max.     31000  litres

Suitable for ponds with fish stock      15000 litres

Suitable for ponds with koi         7500 litres


An OASE fundemental concept built from the ground up
OASE has always created high-quality solutions for natural-looking water gardens. FiltoClear is one of the cornerstones of our pond solutions. Now we are taking the pressure filter to a completely new level of quality:

Four clearly defined models for pond sizes with a volume of water ranging from 5000 to 31,000 litres with and without fish stock
New pull-out mechanism that allows filter sponges to be conveniently cleaned without having to get dirty or disassemble the whole filter
UVC housing with increased UV performance and simple lamp replacement while the filter is running
UV cleaning rotor automatically cleans the quartz glass surrounding the UVC lamp from FiltoClear 19000 onwards
OASE Bypass technology ensures constant water flow and prevents clogging
Three filter foams (instead of the two previously) for even more thorough cleaning from FiltoClear 13000 onwards
New clamping ring to make opening and closing the filter even easier
Robust construction and materials ensure long service life
What is a pressure filter and how do I set up the filter system?
Pressure filters maintain the pump pressure of the upstream filter pump throughout the system. This also allows a higher water return flow to be created, for example in the form of a watercourse. Pressure filter systems always consist of two components: Firstly, the filter pump in the pond, which carries the dirty water to the pressure filter. Secondly, the pressure filter. We sell FiltoClear on its own or as a set with the AquaMax Eco Premium filter pump. There is also the option of adding a surface skimmer to your filter system. The skimmer is connected to the filter pump in the pond.

How does the FiltoClear pressure filter work?
The upstream filter pump constantly transports the water to the FiltoClear. First, filter sponges with various pore sizes inside the pressure filter provide mechanical and biological cleaning. Clarifying microorganisms can settle particularly well on the fine-pored sponges. The water then reaches the centre of the filter. There, a powerful UVC lamp removes bacteria, floating algae and microorganisms. The purified water leaves the FiltoClear and flows back into the pond via an elevated watercourse.

Are there a range of different pressure filters ?

FiltoClear pressure filters are available in four sizes for volumes of water between 5000 and 31,000 litres. Simply refer to the number in the product name this number indicates the maximum recommended volume for a pond without fish. For a pond with fish, it's best to choose a higher performance class. You can find a selection guide in the product details.


position product name Item no. quantity
1 Accessory pack FiltoClear 5000-31000 83894 1
2 Tension ring FiltoClear 3000-31000 77754 1
3 Cleaning rotor FiltoClear 31000 77749 1
4 Container FiltoClear 20000/30000/31000 89004 1
5 Replacement grid tube FC 20000/30000/31000 21655 1
6 Foam spacer disc holder FC 5000-31000 77733 1
8 Replacement sponge set FiltoClear 31000 77875 1
9 Foam disk FiltoClear 5000-30000 77734 1
10 Sealing lip FiltoClear 5000-30000 77735 1
11 BG folding handle FiltoClear 31000 83891 1
12 Replacement lamp head UVC FiltoClear 60 W 74372 1
13 Replacement lamp UVC Eco 60 W 57077 1
14 Replacement clamping screw UVC FC 18/24/42/60W 74380 1
16 Quartz glass D44 x 550 with beaded edge 74379 1
18 Replacement rotor cover UVC FC 18/24/42/60 W 74382 1
19 Pipe connection FiltoClear 2022 86941 1
20 BG privacy screen FiltoClear² 83917 1
21 Rotating handle/flapFC5000/13000/19000/31000 74368 1



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