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Oase BioTec Premium 80000 Pond Filter


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OASE Engineers have developed the all-new BioTec Premium 80000 Pond Filter for the most demanding ornamental, fish or Koi Carp stocked ponds.  

This compact filtration system contains an automated Drum Filter which screens out debris particles before the biological process takes place. This all happens within the same compact module system. The revolutionary, integrated drum filter is based on the same technology as Oase's highly successful ProfiClear Premium Drum Filter Module, screening out the very finest particles such as fish waste, string algae, leaf debris and potentially harmful nutrient rich detritus down to 150 microns (1 1/2 x thickness of a human hair).

The BioTec Premium 80000 Pond Filter has specially developed filter foams with a significant surface area and these are used after the drum module to house beneficial bacteria, helping to break down pathogens, phosphates and nutrients, resulting in crystal clear pond water.  Because the automated drum filter removes solid waste particles before entering the foam media segment, the sponges require far less frequent cleaning compared to more conventional filtration systems.

The BioTec Premium 80000 Filtration System is capable of processing ornamental ponds of up to 80,000 Litres (17,770 Gallons); Fish stocked ponds of up to 40,000 Litres (8,880 Gallons) or Koi Carp stocked ponds of up to 20,000 Litres (4,440 Gallons).

Oase BioTec Premium 80000 Drum Filter - Technical Details and Recommendations
Rockworld recommend the use of 2" internal diameter smooth bore heavy gauge flexible hose for connection between the pump and UV Clarifier to maximise the water flow.  

As a pump & UVC are not supplied with BioTec Premium Filter we recommend the use of an Oase Aquamax Eco Premium 12000 pump (the Premium has a maximum flow through rate of 12,500 Litres/Hour).  In instances where the filter needs to be elevated above the pond, a more powerful pump can be used to help combat the additional vertical lift.  
The use of a Bitron 110C ultra violet clarifier is recommended to help effectively combat single cell algae (suspended algae) which will then be taken out of the system by the BioTec Premium's automated drum module. The BioTec Premium 80000 Filtration System is specifically designed to accept the Bitron UVCs, which can be fitted directly to the Biotec Premium housing.


Product characteristics

  • Intelligent filter system for near-natural ponds up to 80 m³ (80,000 litres) and fish ponds up to 40 m³ (40,000 litres)
  • The automatic coarse debris extraction easily flushes the contamination out of the filter, thanks to drum filter technology
  • Long service life and high quality filter sponges offer the best conditions for the filter biology
  • Outstanding filter capacity with intelligent control functions
  • A watertight micro controller system monitors and controls the main functions, operation is as easy as child's play (plug & play)
  • The filter is flushed only with cleaned pond water. Therefore a fresh water connection is not required.
  • Powerful, high-quality pressure pump is integrated for flushing the drum
  • Particularly quiet in operation thanks to extensive noise insulation
  • Excellent filtration capacity to 125 µm and flow-through rates up to 12,500 l/h for a crystal clear view
  • Individually removable sieve elements (no tools required) and free-wheeling functions for easy access to the drum interior
  • Pollutant rakes on the sieves for reliable removal of string algae and other larger particles from the drum
  • Less string algae through continuous removal of phosphates and nutrients
  • Pollutant discharge included via integrated slide valve
  • Innovative and reliable product »made in Germany*« (*except pressure pump)

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