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Oase 600 mm wide Water Blade Kit


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€494.00 - €764.00 inc. VAT
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Oase 600mm wide Water Blade Kit 
Everything needed to create a water wall using an Oase 600mm wide stainless steel blade.
The kit includes:

  • Oase 600mm wide water blade
  • 5000 litre per hour Pontec pump (2 year guarantee) 
  • 3 metres of 1" hose (heavy gauge , smooth bore)
  • Reservoir of various sizes to suit your space
  • Hose tail connectors for pump and blade

The Oase 600mm wide water blade kits.  The 600mm wide (2 feet wide) stainless steel waterfall blade creates an attractive sheet of water flowing over the front lip.  

This water blade is ideal for creating water walls  and can be used indoors or outdoors to create a spectacular water feature.

Our kit comes with various size reservoirs for you to choose from. The larger the reservoir , the more water  and the bigger the catchments area. The smallest reservoir is suitable for occasional use, meaning you would only turn on your waterwall when you are watching it whereas the larger reservoir would mean your waterwall can be left on. The sizes in between are a combination of the above. 

The reservoirs come in various sizes as below, all are 450mm deep

Small Rectangular,. 780 mm long x 380 mm wide x 450 mm deep, with 80 litre capacity

Square, 750 mm long by 750 mm wide & 450 mm deep, with 180 litre capacity

Rectangular,  1150 mm long by 750 mm wide by 450 mm deep, with 280 litre capacity

Rectangular,1550 mm long by 1150 mm wide by 450 mm deep, with 600 litre capacity

Reservoir Choices

reservoir choices


The water outflow from these blades can be directed to flow over any surface from glass water walls, ceramic tiles, granite , marble, copper etc the choice is yours.

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