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Classic 900mm wide water blade KIT


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€1,147.00 inc. VAT
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900mm wide water blade KIT with high quality Oase Aquamax Eco Classic 9000 C pump, OASE reservoir, pipe work and fittings

The 900mm long stainless steel water blade creates a highly attractive sheet of water flowing over the front lip. 

Here we have put together all the highest quality premium parts required to create a perfect water wall.

This classic 900mm wide water blade kit includes everything needed to set up a waterfall , here's what's included  :

  • 900mm long Oase water blade, dual entry (rear or below)
  • 1150mm long by 750mm wide by 450mm deep reservoir or larger available like  upgrading to larger reservoir of 1550 x 1150 x 450 LWD
  • Oase Aquarius Universal Eco Premium 9000  with controller to adjust flow just how you like.
  • 1" heavy gauge smooth bore hose pipe, 5 metres to ensure you have enough. As we all know, better looking at it than looking for it.
  • hose tails , stainless steel jubilee clips 

This kit is designed to allow water flow at its best. The flow of water from the blade is adjustable from a slight trickle (a slow flow ) to full flow. 

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